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ATTENTION Shoppers! Due to excessive sales volume, we have run out of Cornhole Jr Game boards and are only selling bags at this time, Sorry for the inconvenience.



Check out one of our newest products - Cornhole Preemie!

Cornhole Preemie


Cornhole Preemie features a pair of game boards that are half the size of our Cornhole Jr games. They are 6" x 12" and have the same size target hole as our Cornhole Jr game, 3". The advantage is that you can use the same bags for both games and it's still a challenge to sink a hole in one. They are made of the same high quality materials and workmanship seen on all our products. They come delivered painted white.

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Preemie and Junior together


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You have landed at the birthplace of the newest and coolest game on the market. Surely you have seen the game Cornhole played in backyards across America. It’s taking the country by storm with tournaments all over and folks porting their trusty cornhole sets in their trunks just waiting for a game to break out. Well, at Cornhole Jr. we are taking the excitement one step further. How many times has a game broken out between the adults leaving the children to fend for themselves? How many times have the kids tried to play the game only to find the bags are heavy and hard to put on target? Well, the solution is here!

Cornhole Jr.

The original miniature version of the wildly popular Cornhole game.

With Cornhole Jr. the kids now have a game of their own…
(if the adults don’t hog it all to themselves).


Advantages of Cornhole Jr. are many including:

1. Having a game that the kids can play which keeps them in close proximity for easy watching.

2. Having a game you can set up anywhere; outside, in the garage, in the living room, anywhere.

3. No more rainouts keeping you from playing.

4. Just as exciting and challenging as the full size game.

Key features of our Cornhole Jr. sets:

1. Each board is exactly half the scale of the original Cornhole game (12” Wide x 24” Long)

2. Each board had folding legs to allow for convenient storage.

3. Each Kit comes with 8 bags (2.5" square), 4 of each color of your choosing.

4. Game play and scoring is exactly like the full size game so if you are unfamiliar with the rules, click here.


Please take the time to read what people are saying about our sets and I think you’ll agree that you will just have to have a set or two in your household.

Cornhole Jr. next to his big brother!

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